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Karen Ward Holistic Therapist


Fáilte Welcome to my personal website.

I am delighted to invite you to explore all that I am honoured to call my work. It is my passion and definitely a vocation. After you peruse here, you may also like to look at the two other websites I am involved with...


Having fulfilled a long held dream to hold a Women's Gathering on the Full Moon each month, I'm now training women to hold their own Moon Mná Women's Celtic Circles. This exciting international online Course gifts women the option of joining when they feel the call of their soul with 'live' Circles held on sacred Sites every season. Sign up for my monthly Newsletters at www.moonmna.ie to be added to our ever increasing Moon Mná community. Among the many themes we've explored are the phases of womanhood from Maiden to Mother to Wise Crone.


With my wonderful colleague Bernie Sexton, I have published an exciting Diary-Journal for Women that has been inspired by the Moon Mná women's group. To place an order please go to the Diary-Journal page at www.moonmna.ie


I co-founded and run the Slí an Chroí School of Celtic Shamanism with my husband John. It is our honour and privilege to introduce anyone who is called to walk this path of nature based spirituality. www.slianchroi.ie


My continued work in bringing Holistic Health and Wellness Talks to groups of people in either work or community settings is a constant source of joy. The feedback is amazing & everyone really appreciates having these subjects brought into the workplace. If you would like to know more about how to organise a tailormade session or indeed series then have a look at the Holistic Talks page on this website.


Along with Counselling Psychotherapy, Energy Therapy has been the most popular treatment in my Rhiannon Clinic in Smithfield, Dublin. It combines Reiki-like techniques with deep energetic work from the Shamanic way of healing. Many clients find it a wonderfully simple & effective way to address any issue & to find a way to move on purposefully with their lives. To make an appointment to see me please email karenwardtherapist@gmail.com and I will be delighted to help you help yourself.


I have now completed my PhD in DCU, bringing Celtic Shamanism to Academia and Spirituality into a Therapeutic setting. I am now training professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists to use this Energy Therapy Technique. For details please me at karenwardtherapist@gmail.com.


Click here for the Holistic Detox tips & advice that are easy to put into practice.


Yours in Holistic Health & Happiness,




The Rhiannon Clinic, St Paul's Grounds, Nth. King St, Smithfield, Dublin 7


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When you take some quiet time to yourself, you feel inspired to nourish your body with good food, good company & invigorating exercise.....
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