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Change a Little to Change a Lot

This renowned book is a hands-on guide to restoring balance to your busy lifestyle. It shows how the holistic approach to improving your life need not be daunting. Packed with simple and easy to follow tips, the book reveals how to listen to your body and really hear what it is trying to tell you.

By changing one thing at a time and really focusing on it, you are much more likely to succeed in creating the life you want. All the changes are from a mind, body & spirit perspective & show how to achieve a sustainable rhythm by taking practical steps to stay in tune.


The book is €10 and if you would like a signed copy then post €12 to include post and package to 'The Rhiannon Clinic, St Paul's Grounds, Nth King St, Smithfield, Dublin 7' with your name and address. Allow at least 3 days for post. (If I am away travelling I will leave a message on the phone Ph: 01 6704905 so you will know when I'll return.)


Heart Space - to Restore & Renew Body, Mind & Soul

Many of us find it difficult to wind down after a busy day so this relaxing CD makes it as easy as possible. All you have to do it lie or sit down, play the CD and let my voice do all the work. There are 5 tracks in total: a 3 min gentle Muscle Relaxation, a 5 min de-stressing Breathing Routine, a 13 min Paradise Beach Relaxation, a 16 min Muscle Relaxation, Breathing technique & Sunny Meadow Visualisation. All have my voice talking through a guided visualisation with Frank Gleeson's stunning flute music & Tonyho Dos Santos fabulous guitar music in the background. The final track is the instrumental music alone.


This CD costs €10 plus €1 for post & packaging.














Being in Nature is a great way to feel alive and have fun while energising your body and clearing your mind.