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Menu of Holistic Talks & Workshops


I thoroughly enjoy delivering inspiring, informative & fun one hour Talks.
Topics include:
Managing your Health Holistically – sound healthy living advice.

Who looks after me? - Vital self care for the busy professional.

Healthy Eating – food as fuel for life increasing energy levels & health.
Weight Management – learn how to maintain your ideal weight forever.
Holistic Detox – how safely detox for extra vitality & rejuvenation.
Yoga At Your Desk – poses to boost your energy levels & ease tension.
Road Relaxation – practical skills to deal with long drives & traffic jams.
Work-Life Balance – combine holistic ways to harmonise your life.

Stress Management – easy ways to effectively promote self-calm.
Relaxation Techniques – simple advice to restore body, mind & spirit.
Holistic Time Management – free up more time for a fulfilling life.
Holistic Problem Solving – each problem has a positive hidden challenge.
Holistic Secrets of Eternal Youth – physically, mentally & emotionally.

Relationship Skills – how to look for a partner & live happily ever after.
How to survive Christmas/Summer holidays…..& live to tell the tale!

Cost: €250.00 for each one hour presentation (within Dublin, extra cost if travelling is involved)


This innovative & highly effective course consists of two workshops (three hours each) delivered six weeks apart to allow everyone to put in action all that has been learned in the first part. Extremely motivational!
Cost: €600.00 per 3 hour workshop x 2. (within Dublin, extra cost if travelling is involved)


The purpose of these Holistic Health programmes are to give you, your staff and colleagues the means to take your health into your own hands so your life stays balanced, enjoyable and fulfilling. The whole experience is geared towards practical advice and tips which you can do for 5/10 minutes a day on exercise, relaxation and healthy living, combined with new positive ways of looking at stress, life and challenges. All Talks & Workshops will be inspirational, motivational and fun.


Karen Ward has an honours degree in Science from UCD (B.Sc Hons Microbiology). She is a Holistic Psychotherapist & Stress Management Counsellor (MIACP & MEAC) & holds many diplomas in the area of Health including Yoga (Yttc), Aromatherapy & Reflexology (ITEC). Karen is also a Holistic Dietician (IHCA, ITEC). She facilitates hugely successful workshops throughout Ireland. Karen runs her own Clinic in Smithfield, Dublin with her husband John Cantwell, a Shamanic Practitioner. She is Holistic Therapist on BBC's 'The Last Resort' with her sister Val and Energy Therapist on TV3's 'Healers' programme in Oct '09. For five years she was Holistic Therapy Presenter on RTE’s successful ‘Health Squad'. Karen is author of renowned book 'Change a Little to Change a Lot' and co-author of ‘The Health Squad Guide to Health and Fitness’ book. She is an excellent & well known public speaker.





































Life is a journey not a destination and it is vitally important to stop along the way & celebrate our progress.........