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Slí an Chroí - 'Walking the Pathway of the Heart

Dunderry Park, Co. Meath, Ireland.

The Slí an Chroí Samhain Celebration in 2010 included a Celtic Sweat Lodge. For more details please check out http://www.slianchroi.ie


Samhain, (pronounced “Sow-en”) is one of the most auspicious times in the Celtic Calendar. It is the Celtic New Year and a powerful time when it is acknowledged that the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest. It is celebrated worldwide as Halloween and/or the Day of the Dead and through the Christian cultures as All Soul’s Day. Formally celebrated on October 31st/November 1st, the Celts observed the principle of the “day of threes”, i.e. whereby a festival is marked for three days either side of the appointed date. An essential focus at this time is our eventual passing from this world to the next. Our eternal Spirit Nature was to be remembered and celebrated. We also at this time, celebrate the passing of loved ones and communication with the spirits of our Ancestors is regarded as open”.The Faerie Folk and Sidhe (or “Shining Ones”), are invoked and met, passing onto us guidance, teachings and inspiration. It is a time when our own Death is considered in the aim of learning to live more fully and powerfully.

Samhain is the natural time for reflection on Life-Death, Light-Darkness. Far from being morbid, this is a time for us to honour our loved ones who have left their physical form and passed over. Samhain is also a profound time for renewal. As the Old Year is honoured, so the New Year heralds the opportunity for new beginnings.

The embrace of Light overcome with Darkness with the advent of Winter is intrinsic to Samhain and in true spirit of the shamanic tradition of this land, this observation of the natural world is taken as reflection of the personal, individual journey in life. As it is without, so it is within. As the Samos (Light, Summer) time gives way to the Gamos, (Dark, Winter) in nature, we too turn like the seasons as acceptance of that which is known within ourselves, (Light, Conscious) giving way to acceptance of that which is unknown within ourselves, (Dark, Unconscious). Pre Celtic & Celtic shamanism of Ireland valued this principle as worthy of reflection & celebration at Samhain time.

Our Samhain 2010 brought a return of many friends who have attended previous gatherings as well as our Medicine Spiral students and graduates. Others came from their familiarity with the warmth and serenity of Dunderry Park and as always there were those embarking on a shamanic experience for the first time. The Slí An Chroí Samhain is a festival and a renewal for everyone, welcoming experienced shamanic practitioners and those who are new, but all answering to the timeless call of Spirit in this “turn” of the year. Our practices included: Celtic Sweat Lodge, Journeying (Immrama) Being In Nature, Prayer Bundles, Earthpainting, Dance, Storytelling, and of course, the mishevious celebration of Samhain, (with the usual surprises!)

We look forward very much to welcoming old and new friends to this cherished time in the cycle of Nature and our individual lives. As always arrival time in Dunderry on Friday is after 5.30pm for light supper before the 8pm start.

Samhain Request: €350.00 (Full board and accomodation).

Venue: Dunderry Park, (Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies), Navan, Co. Meath, (www.dunderry.org)


John and Karen are Dubliners and husband and wife. Both are graduates of the 4 Winds Shamanic school. They have trained extensively in their native Celtic tradition with Martin Duffy in the Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies. John and Karen hold Clinics in their Centre in Smithfield, Dublin 7 where they see clients privately. Both are known in the media for their work in the area of health and healing. They are trained teachers and “Slí An Chroí” (schlee-on-khree) is their Shamanic Practice Training School, in which they offer the Celtic and pre Celtic medicine traditions to offer a “core practice” Medicine Spiral.




'I needed to take time away to figure out how I wanted to live my life.....the workshop gave me that & so much more.'