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The Slí an Chroí Medicine Spiral at Dunderry Park



The Medicine Spiral starts in September & runs for 4 weekends spread over 9 months until April/May. If you are interested attending our one day 'Introduction to Shamanism' workshops are a great way to see if this path is for you. They are both featured on our Slí an Chroí website (http://www.slianchroi.ie).



When we step into shamanic practice, our hearts take us on an epic path of discovery, power and beauty. It is the soul’s ‘journey home’, connecting us to the sacredness and magic of Life. We touch the earth and rise gifted with healing, to become true caretakers of ourselves and the earth. We see our purpose and come to know the ecstatic joy that rolls like thunder deep in the centre of our being and all creation. For this is the pathway of the heart, “Slí An Chroí”- true holistic, balanced living in today’s world. It combines ancient and contemporary shamanic practice with informed guidance on all aspects of healthy living, e.g. nutrition, exercise, stress management, work-home balance. Slí An Chroí is a way for the profound wisdom & understanding that are the gifts of shamanic training to feed all elements of your life.


Shamanism is the name given to the practice of connecting to the essence of life through knowing spirit energy in Nature. For over 50, 000 years shamanism has been the bedrock of all healing and spiritual traditions and calls us to awaken our indigenous nature. It is not a faith, but a constantly evolving wisdom tradition in which we learn purely from our own, individual and collective, personal experience. Nor is it a religion and it is dogma-free, indeed it supports any existing spiritual practice one may already hold. The shamanic practitioner follows practices that nourish the sacred in the self and comes to see, know and work with the sacredness of all things. So many of us yearn for connection to our own ‘soulfulness’ in a free and natural way, shamanism is an ancient, simple way allowing this connection with beauty, power and magic.

The healing shamanic practitioner is one who learns to travel to the world of spirit that is beyond time to retrieve healing, vision and teaching. Traditionally accompanied by drum or rattle, the practitioner uses strong intent and energy to “journey” into territories beyond ordinary reality. The reward is wider and deeper understanding of this world, making the practitioner a truth seeker who knows and expresses the ecstasy of sacred living. We become powerful figures of integrity who bring light, compassion and magic into our own lives, those of our loved ones, our community and to the earth itself.


The Medicine Spiral is the name given to the structured learning path when we step into shamanic awareness and techniques. Traditionally associated with the four points of the compass, north, south, east and west, every individual’s experience is unique. As we travel the Spiral we shed skin like the snake, i.e. we learn to let go of what holds us back from progressing with our lives. We learn the technique of “journeying”, an elemental shamanic practice. We connect to “power animals” and “spirit guides” who offer us sacred support as we walk forward. The Spiral asks us to connect strongly with nature and to work with her forces. We explore shamanic archetypes; organising principles that allow the practitioner keep balance and vision. Above all the Medicine Spiral provides us with the independence to live shamanically and holistically and to continue doing so for the rest of our lives. The Medicine Spiral provides our life-journey with a map that supports us no matter what the territory. The “medicine” in the Medicine Spiral refers to the magic we experience from the techniques and wisdom we grow on our spiral. That magic is true medicine, bringing healing into our lives and our souls to their glorious beauty.


Principles of Core Shamanic Practice
Working in Nature
Growing your ‘Mála’ (i.e. medicine/crane bag)
Journeying with drum and rattle, Healing and Protection Rituals
Fire Ceremonies, Rites and Ceremonies
Trance Dance, Shaman’s dance of ecstasy
Healthier Living through better nutrition, stress management, work habits, exercise
Tracking, i.e. heightening our awareness and perception
Sacred Drama Connecting with Archetypes


Dunderry Park is a magical place set in the heart of historical county Meath, one-hour from Dublin. It is a beautiful old Georgian house surrounded by acres of tranquil woodland. The ancient Druids cherished this land as a place of spiritual worship because of it's sense of peace, natural stillness & connection to the Hill of Tara.



You will be staying in the 200 year old Dunderry Park. All rooms are either for two or three or four people to share. Delicious vegetarian country cooking from the hearty breakfasts to the nutritious lunches & healthy dinners will be held in the Dunderry Park dining room.



Friday: Arrival after 5.30pm for registeration, settling in and a light supper. At 8pm John and Karen will teach in the Tara Room followed by a journey in the Cairn & a Fire Ceremony. At 11pm chat by the fire or turn in for a well deserved good night's sleep.

Saturday: Breakfast at 8am. Searmanas morning ritual in nature at 9am. Work in the Tara Room learning to clear away old ways of thinking & behaving that no longer serve you & welcoming in new habits that do. Initiation Rites given by Karen & John 8pm Saturday night..

Sunday: Breakfast at 8am. Teaching starts at 9am followed by lunch at 1pm. Departure 4pm.


Dunderry Park is situated six miles from Navan & 4 miles from Trim It is 1 mile from Dunderry village. Karen will give you detailed directions
on booking.


John and Karen are husband & wife and both are Dubliners. They are trained teachers & for several years have pioneered learning in many subjects. Karen is a Holistic Therapist. She founded the Rhiannon Clinic where she sees clients on an individual basis. She also lectures in the corporate area on, stress management, nutrition & mind-body-spirit wellbeing. For 5 years she was the holistic therapist presenter on RTE’s “The Health Squad” & is co-author of the book of the same name. John trained originally as a Physical Education teacher, but went on to forge a long career in professional theatre, TV, film and radio as an actor, director & producer. In the last 10 years he has dedicated himself to coaching & established the renowned Film Actors Studio in 1999. He has always promoted the educational & healing power of the dramatic arts & has established acting schools for young people & supported drama projects for those of less advantage.

In recent years Karen & John immersed themselves in healing shamanic training. As a result they have trained with leading teachers & have travelled extensively for fieldwork with indigenous peoples, giving them a strong shamanic practice. From their native Pre-Celtic & Celtic traditions to that of the Indian of North, Central & in particular South America, they have breadth & depth in the Energy Medicine they offer as healers & teachers in Ireland. They offer individual shamanic healing from the Rhiannon Clinic & they facilitate learning groups & gatherings for ceremony and ritual. John and Karen bring warmth, focus, sincerity & humour to their approach & firmly hold to the principle that we all have awesome capacity for self healing.


Slí An Chroí Medicine Spiral Booking, Schedule & Fee

The Medicine Spiral takes place over 4 weekends:
1st Weekend, (North); Sept Fri (5.30pm) Sun (4pm).
2nd Weekend, (East); Nov Fri (5.30pm) Sun (4pm).
3rd Weekend, (South); Jan/Feb Fri (5.30pm) Sun (4pm).
4th Weekend, (West); Apr/May (5.30pm) Sun (4pm).

For exact dates go to www.slianchroi.ie & see the Medicine Spiral page.

Cost: including tuition, food and accommodation.
Booking Fee (which acts as a Deposit) €195.00, then at each weekend €360.00
The Booking Fee is paid by July 31st 2010. Then €360 is paid at each of the four weekends. (Total Cost = €1635)

If you would like to book or learn more about Slí An Chroí Shamanic Training and/or the individual shamanic healing work of John & Karen;
please telephone the Rhiannon Clinic, (01) 670 4905
or e mail: johnandkaren@slianchroi.ie

“Slí An Chroí” (pronounced, “Schlee-On-Khree”), is Irish Gaelic for “Pathway Of The Heart”, Karen and John’s model of Shamanic-Holistic Life & Training.


For enquires or a booking form please e-mail Karen at the Contact Me Page.





'Slí an Chroí means 'Pathway of the Heart...what other way could I live my life? This has changed me & the way I look at everything.'.