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Slí An Chroí

“Walking the Pathway of the Heart”

One Day Introduction To Shamanic Practice & Holistic Living

Dates: Once a month on a Sunday from February - July.

A one day “welcome” to Healing Shamanic Practice & Holistic Living where we will explore the founding wisdom & experience the primary ways that make the shamanic practitioner “a true caretaker” of the self & of the earth itself. By nourishing the sacred in the self, the shamanic practitioner sees & works with the sacredness of all things. For over

50,000 years shamanism has been the bedrock of all spiritual & healing traditions.

Through direct connection to the spirit in Nature, shamanism is simple & profound, beautiful, powerful & magical. Shamanism is not a faith, but a wisdom tradition in which we learn purely from our own, individual & collective, personal experience. It is not a religion & is dogma-free, indeed it supports any existing spiritual practice you may have. So many of us deeply desire for connection to our own ‘soulfulness’ & that of all other living beings in a free and natural way. This is the essence of shamanism.

In the workshop, we will see how the shamanic practitioner views life as an epic adventure to greater and greater health, wisdom and compassion. We will connect with the energies of the earth and rise stronger, gifted with healings for ourselves and others. We will take gentle, early steps into “journeying” with the rattle and drum, an elemental shamanic practice to travel realms beyond ordinary reality. There we will retrieve teachings and guidance and connect with “power animals” and “spirit guides”, allowing us to understand how the shamanic practitioner always walks in the world with tremendous sacred support. We will share a fire ceremony and dance the ecstasy of life itself, the shaman’s dance. We will glimpse the Medicine Spiral, the lifelong path of learning taken by the shamanic practitioner and throughout the day we will see how the ancient wisdom of shamanism inspires true holistic living in today’s world.


Workshop Fee: €85.00, (Pre-booking essential, places are limited)

If you would like to book a place or learn more about this workshop and/or the work of John and Karen;
please telephone their clinic: (01) 670 4905
or e mail: johnandkaren@slianchroi.ie

Slí An Chroí, pronounced “schlee-on-khree”, is Irish Gaelic for “Pathway of the Heart”, Karen and John’s model of Holistic-Shamanic Life and Training. There are two Slí an Chroí Medicine Spiral training cycles; the first for personal healing and practice and a (certified) second, for professional Shamanic Energy Medicine & Counselling healing in the community. Taking the first (Foundation) Medicine Spiral is a prerequisite for taking the second, (Professional). Each Medicine Wheel takes 9 –12 months, approximately.



Karen Ward & John Cantwell are trained teachers and for several years have pioneered learning in many subjects. Karen is a Holistic Therapist. She founded the Rhiannon Clinic where she sees clients on an individual basis. She also lectures in the corporate area on matters such as, stress management, nutrition and mind-body-spirit wellbeing. She was the Holistic Therapist presenter on RTE’s “Health Squad” for its 5 year run and is co-author of the book of the same name.Her 2nd book is 'Change a Little to Change a Lot' & her 3rd book is 'Growing Old Gracefully - How to be an Exciting Elder'. John trained originally as a Physical Education teacher, but went on to forge a long career in professional theatre, TV, film and radio as an actor, director and producer. In the last 10 years he has dedicated himself to coaching and established the renowned Film Actors Studio in 1999. He has always promoted the educational and healing power of the dramatic arts and has established acting schools for young people and supported drama projects for those of less advantage. John also lectures on Men’s Health


In recent years Karen and John immersed themselves in healing shamanic training. As a result they have trained extensively with leading teachers and have travelled extensively for fieldwork with indigenous peoples, giving them a strong shamanic practice. From their native Pre-Celtic and Celtic traditions to that of the Indian traditions of North, Central and in particular South America, they have breadth and depth in the Energy Medicine they offer as healers and teachers in Ireland. They offer individual shamanic healing from the Rhiannon Clinic and they facilitate learning groups and gatherings for ceremony and ritual. John and Karen bring warmth, focus, sincerity and humour to their approach and firmly hold to the principle that we all have awesome capacity for self healing.


John and Karen are Dubliners and husband and wife. Both are graduates of the 4 Winds HLB school. They have trained extensively in their native Celtic tradition. John and Karen hold a clinic where they see clients privately and both are known in the media for their work in the health/healing code. They are trained teachers and “Slí An Chroí” (schlee-on-khree) is their Shamanic Practice Training School, in which they blend the Celtic and pre Celtic traditions to offer a “core practice” Medicine Spiral.



www.pathwayof theheart.ie



Shamanism is about holistic living and natural healing through Nature........many of us are doing this instinctively.